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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Water fall

Bangladesh, which is the name of a region famous Madobvkundo .

water fall
It is a turist area, every area of ​​people from home and abroad in various walks of life in our country and also traveled to other festivals Madobvkundo gathered at the tourist Division of Sylhet and Moulvibazar districts of Bangladesh Madobvkundo water Propate Borolekha Kathal Tali Madobvkundo to the village with the only road out of here Madobvkundo is located about 8 km away too popularity Jolpropat area and the Identify area.Eco-tourism has been around for this is the name of a small water park and parikunda drift. Moreover, there are other places of worship belonging Religion such as temples, churches and worship from time to time Different Religions Up asana they Madobvkundo propate bathing water that they are clean. Here is celebrated every year in the name of the Baroni Religion Hindu festival program. Others countries participated in the festival from area popularity  Madobvkundo makes the whole thing more interesting than most of the tourists area Madobvkundo little higher on the water that flows down to the wetlands at hakaluki is mixed.
A lot of people of different religions live in this area. Here's the funny thing is that, Madhav sinks are in the mountains, trees and green tea leaves in the trees, gardens and natural Madobvkundo a wonderful tourist destination
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